San Diego LDS Temple - Front door detail - Seal of Melchizedek symbol in cut glass, Christ painting in background - crop Right side


Abel and Melchchizedek make offerings to the Lord, hand of God accepts, Seal of Melchizedek eight point star symbol upon the altar

The Meaning of the Seal of Melchizedek

Symbol on Melchizedek’s Altar: The very name of the symbol comes from its bold center presence on the front of the altar pictured in an A.D.520 Ravenna Mosaic. Read more in “The Story of the Seal“. Behind the altar is the High Priest, …

Seal of Melchizedek symbol eight point star - Christus statue, LDS SLC temple

Symbol of Christ

“Symbolism is the language of scripture and ritual… Symbols are the language in which all gospel covenants and all gospel ordinances of salvation have been revealed.” Alonzo A. Gaskill


The Power of the Seal

The Seal of Melchizedek – a symbol of hope and love.
How wearing and displaying the Seal can change lives and build faith

Gatehouse garden, San Diego LDS Temple - Seal of Melchizedek symbol on grounds


All about the Seal of Melchizedek. We will bring more information and resources to your attention here at Seal of as they become available. Thank you for visiting! The rapid increase in awareness of the symbol perhaps began with …

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