The Symbol in Your Life

From Ernest in Afghanistan

How cool is the Seal of Melchizedek?

From ancient art to modern temples, this seemingly timeless symbol points to God. That God is Jesus Christ. And wearing this symbol of Christ?  Well, that’s pretty cool.

It started when my awesome wife got a Seal of Melchizedek dogtag for my work overseas. I also now wear a ring.

When others see the symbol, they usually comment or ask about it.  When I tell them it’s the Seal of Melchizedek, they always want to know more and it often leads to a gospel conversation.

It is one of the best missionary tools I’ve had!

I also like that when I wear it, since it is a symbol of Christ, his gospel, his priesthood, I am reminded that I must be cheerful and keep high standards.

Since it is a visible outward symbol…it also pretty much says I am a member of Christ’s church as well; then how I act, my example, is important.

I’ve since gotten two kinds of necklaces for my wife. She got leather bracelets and rings for our kids.

We’ve also hung the Seal of Melchizedek in our home since it is an eternal symbol, and our family wants to be an eternal family through the sealing power of Christ’s Priesthood. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this particular symbol bears the name of the Higher Priesthood.

It has replaced some of the other modern culture icons that mean little or nothing. We really like the Seal of Melchizedek, in case you can’t tell!

I recommend it sharing it with everyone. Which reminds me, these little items make great and meaningful gifts.

Remember, through small and simple things,  great things are brought to pass. (Alma 37:6)


Hanging in our home

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