What is the Seal of Melchizedek?

The Seal of Melchizedek is rapidly becoming a topic of interest for those familiar with the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Recently identified by the late biblical scholar Hugh Nibley as the “so-called Seal of Melchizedek” following its abundant use in the design of the LDS San Diego Temple, the symbol intrigues temple visitors, gospel students, and biblical scholars alike. For a more comprehensive article, visit this link: LDS Living: Why this Symbol Appears 10000 Times on the San Diego Temple.

This is King Melchizedek of biblical fame, to whom Abraham offered tithes was a type or foreshadowing of Christ, the Savior of the world. Indeed, King Melchizedek was called Priest of the Most High God, the Prince of Peace, and King of Righteousness. Further record shows that the High Priesthood was named Melchizedek, which is power and authority synonymous with the Order of Christ.

Obviously this symbol  is rich in meaning if you seek to ponder or decipher the meanings it carries!

Let’s start with a description of the symbol itself:

The Symbol: Two squares, 45 degrees offset, either overlaid or intertwined, creating an eight-point star. The symbol is sometimes represented with a circle inside the star (see illustrations).

The Meaning: There have been speculative spiritual meanings assigned to the characteristics of the Seal, given its increasing use in modern Latter-day Saint Temples, but there has been no complete and authoritative summary as of yet. For a quick Summary, visit Quick Facts. For a more extensive study, visit “The Meaning of the Seal of Melchizedek.”(link needed)

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