The Power of the Seal


The Seal of Melchizedek – A Symbol of Hope and Love

Long after the ministry of Christ, Christians gave the symbol of the cross meaning as an identifier to help them find each other. Some have decided a fish would be a symbol of their Christianity. The Seal of Melchizedek dates back to the times of the Old Testament as a symbol of God Himself…not merely to identify oneself as a Christian, but a symbol that actually represents the Christ Himself, His gospel, and His Power, even His House (the temple). How exciting is that?

We can bring this power into our lives by studying the meanings pertaining to this awesome symbol as they relate to Christ. The site can certainly aid you in that quest! We also suggest you consider using the symbol to help point you to Christ by keeping it your mind; perhaps placing it where you can see it and be reminded of what it stands for…or to remind and even inspire others as well.

Read here how the Ernest used the symbol to affect his friends, family, and his own life: Testimonial

For example, ponder this:

In this day and age of many symbols – some with meaning, some inane, some even dark in what they represent – the Seal of Melchizedek can be used to replace some of the worldly things we wear, hang on our walls, and use to represent ourselves. It can be a powerful tool to share the gospel when others ask of its meaning.

Consider how much better to wear a necklace with the Seal of Melchizedek on it than, say, our “birthstone?”  First, we ourselves see it, and are reminded that Christ is our center. Second, others can come to recognize we believe in the eternal family, the ultimate goal of the Sealing Power of the Melchizedek Priesthood. Additionally, what a great missionary tool it can be, when others ask about the meaning of the symbol we wear. Isn’t that more amazing and edifying than a birthstone alone, as beautiful as it may be?

How can wearing this symbol affect teenagers for good?  Rather than wearing bracelets of a certain type or color to align themselves with a current fad or fashion, it can instead be a tool to remind them of who they are and what they stand for! A bold ring or tie-clip, for example, lets others know the standards of the bearer as well.

A newly ordained Elder preparing for a mission may become more focused on the Melchizedek Priesthood he has just been called to bear.  Parents may place it on the walls of their home to remind the family of its eternal nature, or as a reminder to visit the temple (since the symbol is becoming more and more prevalent in modern temples).

The Seal of Melchizedek on a necklace or bracelet gives daughters of God the unique ability to express their support for and belief in the Power of God, even His priesthood. As equal partners in Christ, wearing the Seal of Melchizedek can be an emblem of marriage and the eternal nature of a family sealed by the Holy Melchizedek Priesthood.

Black Seal of Melchizedek symbol bracelet - on hand fade crop

The Seal of Melchizedek can be placed with and around us where perhaps pictures of the temple or the Savior can’t always be, to help us keep eternal goals in mind.  The adversary floods us with meaningless or insipid icons to distract us, and just like replacing negative thoughts or music with that which is more edifying, we may be able to send the message to ourselves and others that we remember what is real, eternal, and most important in our lives when we display the symbol.

When worn and displayed thoughtfully, this simple star can be a constant reminder and an expression of the love and hope each of us has in Jesus Christ. Visit awesome ways to wear and display the symbol on our Own The Seal page: Seal of Melchizedek Jewelry, Rings, and Art.

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