Own the Seal of Melchizedek…

8-sided Seal of Melchizedek Tungsten, 8mm wide band, with 8-pointed star laser engraved


“Wear it with Honor”

Browse or shop for Seal of Melchizedek™ Jewelry and Art with deep, beautiful, and powerful spiritual meaning right now! The Eight-point star means “to begin again” or “begin new or clean.” More specifically, it means to “Begin again new in Christ. It can be found on and in temples, where we come to Christ, and even the name, Seal of Melchizedek points to Christ, since King Melchizedek was a type of Christ.

Perhaps better than a CTR ring or an Angel Moroni pin, the Seal of Melchizedek star symbol can be a daily reminder of our dedication to the gospel, and our love for the savior Jesus Christ. Express your love and faith by wearing or displaying the Seal to remind you of the Lord and your own identity as a child of God, or even inspire questions that help you share the gospel! We think you will find the best in LDS Jewelry and Gifts associated with this great symbol of Jesus Christ.  Read about how wearing/displaying the symbol can change your life here: Testimonial

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You may also want to try and buy Seal of Melchizedek™ Jewelry and Art at these locations:

ZION’S MERCANTILE: 4801 N. University Ave in Provo, UT

THE QUILTED BEAR: 177 NW State St, American Fork, UT 84003

 Ryan’s Diamonds located in The District… South Jordan, UT

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