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Ancient Coptic fabric swatch from the 5th century - Seal of Melchizedek symbol, eight point star with center circlelarge som mosaicsom color robeEuclidJewish Bible















  • The symbolism can be found going back thousands of years. Some experts have traced the 8-point star back to the time of Melchizedek.
  • The number 8 in Hebrew tradition means “to begin again pure” and has baptism as well as other ordinance connotations.
  • Perhaps most prevalent during the Byzantine Era (about 500 A.D.) when it spread throughout Northern Africa, Europe, Asia, etc.
  • The symbol is found represented on altars, many LDS temples, and holy buildings of many world religions. It is in many ways universal.
  • It’s the only symbol we know of that has been added to the Salt Lake City Temple since it’s construction.
  • Derivatives of the symbol are also found all throughout the LDS Conference Center at Temple Square in Salt Lake City
  • The entire San Diego Temple is designed around the symbol. Some estimates are that it appears about 10,000 times in and about that structure.
  • Many Scholars agree the symbolism points to Christ. Notably Hugh Nibley and Alonzo Gaskill, among others.
  • It is known by other names such as the Seal of Solomon, the Seal of the Prophets, and Rub Al Hizb.


The source of the name “Seal of Melchizedek” is not exactly clear, only that it has been used in several texts. One from Hugh Nibley describes the sybmol as the Seal of Melchizedek (Nibley’s Book Temple and Cosmos), and one from the Free Masons (ca. 1805) that describes a derivative of the symbol as “Signet of Melchizedek.”

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